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Sustenhance reveals Australia’s ‘wildest chick’ roosts in Mackay


A pet chicken from Mackay named ‘Whitey’ who roams freely and behaves like a rooster has taken out the top prize in Sustenhance’s Chicks Gone Wild competition.

During April, Australia’s leading supplier of nutritional supplements for animals, Sustenhance, called out to poultry owners across the country to share their most funny or bizarre chicken home videos, capturing wild behaviours.

Sustenhance General Manager Adam Williams said the competition had provided an entertaining insight into the fascinating lives of chickens and roosters.

“We may not have rivalled the popularity of funny cat videos but we certainly shined the spotlight on how valuable backyard chickens are as pets,” Mr Williams said.

“When it came down to choosing the wildest chick we couldn’t go past the video of ‘Whitey’, a Bantam from Mackay, Queensland, who regularly roams the neighbourhood, sleeps in trees and is the boss of her coop.”

In her competition entry, the chicken’s owner Tracey Modra submitted a video of ‘Whitey’ crowing like a rooster and shaking her tail feather around the backyard.

‘Whitey’ lives with three other chickens and a cockatoo on Tracey’s North Mackay property.

Tracey, who has owned backyard chickens for nine years, said ‘Whitey’ was by far her craziest chook.

“She’s always doing weird things. She must wish she was a rooster because she loves to boss around the other chickens,” she said.

Tracey’s household is one of more than 345,000 in Australia with egg-laying hens.

“Having a supply of fresh eggs is a fantastic benefit of owning chickens but we just love them as pets,” Tracey said.

As the competition winner, Tracey will receive a year’s supply of Sustenhance Perfect Poultry to boost the health and vitality of ‘Whitey’ and her other chooks.

Sustenhance has expanded its range of poultry products with two new products launching in May – CoolChick and Poultry Tummy Aid.

Sustenhance General Manager Adam Williams said Sustenhance had expanded its range to meet the demand from Australians for products that optimise bird health and vitality, and deliver better quality eggs.

“As backyard poultry ownership in Australia increases, nutrition and quality of eggs has become a top priority,” Mr Williams said.

“Through our research, we identified the standard feed regimes do not always satisfy dietary requirements for chickens.

“Our new products, CoolChick and Poultry Tummy Aid, further boosts chicken wellbeing by aiding heat stress and digestive health.”

Sustenhance® is owned by BEC Feed Solutions, a leading supplier of animal nutrition specialising in innovative feed additives and commodities. With a proven track record for optimising health and performance in animals, BEC is 100 per cent Australian owned with more than 25 years’ experience in animal nutrition.