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Sustenhance leads ‘superfood’ trend for pets

superfood dog

A growing trend of Australians treating their cats and dogs as ‘one of the kids’ has prompted the development of a new range of premium pet food supplements.

Sustenhance was launched last year by parent company BEC Feed Solutions to provide premium products for horses and poultry.

Now less than 12 months later, Sustenhance is expanding into the companion pet nutrition and heath market with its new products for cats and dogs, Fibre & More and Multi & More.

The pet sector is estimated to be approaching $9 billion annually across Australia and New Zealand and is growing at around four per cent per year.

Sustenhance General Manager Adam Williams said one of the drivers behind this was the growing humanisation of pets.

“Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with about 63% of Australian households owning a pet.

“Despite a decrease in the number of pets nationwide, expenditure on pets is on the rise with households treating their pets like family members or children.

“As a result, owners are very invested in the holistic health and wellbeing of their pets, investing in premium food and dietary supplements.

“We identified a gap in the market in Australia for nutritional supplements for cats and dogs and are excited to launch the first additions to our companion product range.”

Sustenhance Multi & More comes in separate formulas for both cats and dogs, providing essential vitamins and an immediate source of energy.

Sustenhance Fibre & More is a dietary fibre to aid digestion and wellbeing. It assists in the management of obesity in companion animals, as well as reducing hairballs in cats.

Fibre & More and Multi & More will be exhibited to the public for the first time at Sustenhance’s stall at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk on the Gold Coast on Sunday 17 May.

Sustenhance® is owned by BEC Feed Solutions, a leading supplier of animal nutrition specialising in innovative feed additives and commodities. With a proven track record for optimising health and performance in animals, BEC is 100 per cent Australian owned with more than 25 years’ experience in animal nutrition.



What: Sustenhance launches new companion products.

Where: RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Broadwater Parklands, Marine Parade, Southport.

When: Sunday 17 May, 8.30am to 1pm.

Who: Sustenhance General Manager Adam Williams, RSPCA Million Paws Walk participants.