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It really does live up to its claims

“My 19 year old bay TB gelding Tom is semi-retired which means little rugging during summer. I have used a number of coat enhancing products over the years with varying degrees of success but the one constant is the need to rug him 24/7 or his coat will fade. I have been using Equi-Complete now for approximately four months. Tom has not been rugged at any time during this period due to extreme summer heat, however, his coat is in the best condition that I can ever recall. He is covered in dapples and although he has been exposed to the sun during this period his coat has hardly faded. I have not brushed Tom during this period either and yet he has the most beautiful sheen. In my experience achieving sheen, dapples and a deep colour comes with extensive rugging, grooming and vast quantities of coat enhancing products – things that I have not undertaken during the previous four months apart from adding one scoop per day of Equi-Complete to Tom’s feed. I am thrilled with the results. I would strongly recommend Equi-Complete to all horse owners as it really does live up to its claims.”

Sue Huxley

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