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My horses shine

MY HORSES SHINE! I have an 8 year old heavily raced and thick set thoroughbred who has constantly struggled to keep his condition year round, regardless of what I fed. He was on ad lib hay, chaff, barley, lupins, full fat soy, rice bran oil, and various minerals. Within a week of switching my minerals and oil to Equi-Complete and Equi-Omega Boost, his coat was blinding, his mane and tail were losing their brittle texture, and he was clearly feeling better. I eventually phased out all of his grain and cut down his roughage leaving him on only roughage and full fat soy, and I have never had a healthier, more spectacular looking thoroughbred in my paddock. No need for over-feeding, I can see clear as day that he is the healthiest he’s ever been, and he devours his dinner! I could not imagine trying to show condition him without these two products anymore, and I don’t intend to try. When I picked up my 2 year old paint gelding, he had just been a paddock pet and had a very basic coat and looked quite lanky. It’s been 4-5 months and on these products, he has flourished into an amazing young prospect that I cannot wait to show off. His body shape has changed completely as he has matured and he is nice, cheap to feed and gleaming like a diamond. I’d like to also add that my dog likes to lick the measuring cup that I use for Equi-Omega Boost and her skin has become better moisturised, no longer dry and her coat is lovely and shiny now!!

Julia Rancic

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