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Backyard poultry health goes viral for Sustenhance’s Chicks Gone Wild


Feathers will fly as chickens and roosters across Australia flock together to take social media by storm for leading supplier of nutritional supplements for animals, Sustenhance’s quest to put the health of backyard poultry in the spotlight.

Sustenhance wants backyard poultry owners to share their most funny, crazy and entertaining home videos for Chicks Gone Wild – a competition that will provide a snapshot into the fascinating lives of Australia’s pet roosters and chickens.

Currently more than 345,000 Australian households have egg-laying hens and 10 per cent of egg production in Australia happens in backyards.

Sustenhance General Manager Adam Williams said Sustenhance is dedicated to the health of the nation’s chooks and had created its Perfect Poultry supplement to optimise bird health and vitality, and deliver better quality eggs.

“As backyard poultry ownership in Australia increases, nutrition and quality of eggs has become a top priority,” Mr Williams said.

“Through our research in developing Sustenhance Perfect Poultry, we identified that the standard feed regimes do not always satisfy dietary requirements for chickens.

“Sustenhance Perfect Poultry ensures that birds receive the correct dose of everything they need for optimum nutrition, resulting in high quality eggs with enhanced yolk colour and shell strength. It is also designed to boost shine and conditioning of feathers for show birds and breeders.

“We want to see all chickens and roosters living happy and healthy lives and during the Chicks Gone Wild competition we will be spreading the gift of optimum poultry health by giving away a bag of Sustenhance Perfect Poultry product to all entrants.”

Entrants are required to submit a video up to 30 seconds long capturing the ‘wild’ behaviour or special talents of their feathered pet.

The owner of the ‘wildest chick’ will receive a year’s supply of Sustenhance Perfect Poultry to keep their superstar chicken or rooster looking and feeling their best.


Mr Williams said he wants to see backyard poultry owners get creative with their entries.

“We want to show off just how fun and entertaining owning backyard poultry can be. Whether your chicken or rooster is attempting to fly, hunting and gathering around the backyard or tucking into a meal, we want Australian poultry owners to capture the moment and share it with us,” he said.

To enter, visit the Sustenhance Facebook page and complete the application form on the competitions tab.

For more information on the Sustenhance range of products and to find a stockist near you, go to sustenhance.com.au or call (07) 3723 9854.

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